Media e Sponsor

We collect and provide data for sites, blogs, newspapers, and televisions which want to enhance their articles and services with captivating professional and detailed graphics.
But also for companies who want to tie their name to an innovative sports project.

Data for media

Each game analyzed by Sics generates on averagemore than 1,500 events: attack actions, set-plays, shots, passes, accelerations, etc. All of this data can be used to supply technical-tactical analyses with statistics and attractive graphs for their readers or viewers. Through this service, Sics offers the media the ability to get even deeper into the game by providing them with technical data (Shots, Key Passes, Dribblings, Duels, Decisive Plays Ball, lost and recovered, Cross, GK pass, GK exit, Save) and tactics (Offensive Index, Offensive and Defensive Phase, Positive and Negative passes, Ball Possession, Fouls, Offside, and Set-Play Situations), both individual and collective, of each single game being analysed.

An example of using our data: Reflections on ball possession in Serie A

Data for sponsors

Sport, especially football, is one of the most discussed topics, both online and offline. Many are the fans and even more are the enthusiasts. Being able to enter this market by capturing the attention of all this people is a real challenge.
Sics offers these brands the opportunity to plan engaging and relevant marketing initiatives. The matches we analyse daily generate a large number of data and statistics. Their transformation (conversion)into textual and graphic contents to be spread in various media (press, websites, blogs, social networks, apps, etc.) makes it possible to make information and organise intiatives of a certain interest.



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