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Esercizi 1Esercizi XP allows you to create workout tables in a professional and fast way, complete with graphic representation and textual description of the exercises to be performed.

With XP Exercises, you can provide your athletes with custom training tables for workout types and workloads.

Esercizi 2A complete library of exercises

ESERCIZI XP is provided with a library containing up to 800 exercises already loaded and catalogued by workout type. This program also allows you to customize the textual description of each exercise and to add automatically new types of exercises.

After you have created your own table, you can print it with a single click to show it to your staff.


Simplify your work

In the library provided with Exercizi XP you will surely find the exercise you are looking for.

This program holdsup to 800 exercises cataloged by keyword: it allows you to search for these words (eg “stretching + legs” or “boosting + quadruples + balance”).

ESERCIZI XP allows you to work with multiple open tables, copying and moving an exercise from one table to the other and within it. You’ll be able to organise your material in a very short time. It is also possible to add notes and personal tips to each exercise.

In its Library you can add your own personal exercises, even animated, to create a unique archive. Once the workout table is completed, you can print it and give it to the players but also save it to create your own database of exercises and tables to be re-used when needed.

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