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superschemi 1SuperSchemi 2014 is the program that allows you to create game plans and training schemes in a fast and intuitive way. You can create and study your favorite game tactics, new layouts for set plays, and schemes for your team.

SuperSchemi 2014 offers a high graphic impact and the feasibility to create both static schemes and complex animations of the actions to be played in a game.

SuperSchemi 2014 is made of two key modules: Static,to create schemes with high graphic quality and Animated, to create animations and videos of the actions in a game or during workouts.

New features in the latest version

  • Export of schemes, both static and dinamic, in mp4 format to be visualised on any mobile device (iphoe, iPad, …)
  • Upload of a scheme on YouTube or Cloud (dropbox and google drive) for an easier sharing with selected users
  • Improved objects’ library (obstacles, cones, doors…) to be used in animated mode.
  • You can ad your own objects to the library
  • More graphic tools (lines, pointing arrows, areas…) to be used in animated mode.
  • New and improved management of the animations with feasibility to insert or delete one of two available scenes
  • You can add your audio comment to the scheme
  • Automatic highlight of the player in ball possession
  • You can activate the arrow which anticipate the passing direction
  • … and much more

superschemi 2Organize your workouts/training

Finally, you can easily organize and store the exercises for your workouts; you can retrieve and use them every time you need them.

With SuperSchemes you can create any kind of scheme and exercise, add textual descriptions, print it or simply save it on your notebook to show it to your team.

SuperSchemi 2014 is a software running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or higher. On Mac systems it requires an emulator (Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, BootCamp, etc.)

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Set Plays Library/Archive, vol. 1 by Gianni Vio

A library of 50 set-plays schemes and exercises for SuperSchemi, created by Gianni Vio, set-play specialist.

These schemes do not want to be solutions but a stimulus to analyze the potency of set-play situations.
What are the differences between set-play and dynamic football? In set-play situations:

  • The opponent must keep the distance of 9.15 meters from the ball
  • Corner, throw-in, goal-kick: there’s no offside
Change of regulation, change of modules and roles
During a corner action, if we place one player on the ball, 5 players on attack and 4 players in the coverage, can we talk about 4-4-2 or 1-5-4?

  • The games differ according to the rules that determine the moves of the players
  • There are simultaneous moves as in football in its dynamic dimension
  • There are sequential moves as in chess and as in the first move in a set-play situation!

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