The most simple, complete and free App for real-time match analisys

Collect data instantly from the game at the stadium, on the practice field or watching TV using your iPad

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Two ways of working:
FAST: with only the types of action you are interested in, without specifying the players
COMPLETE: with the players who make a significant contribution to the action

Tagging panel with selection of events to be collected completely customizable; possibility to generate automatisms for a more complete cataloging of the game (eg. Goals for-Goals against, Assist-Shot, Punishment for-Punishment Against, Foul …).

vmlive scout 1

vmlive scout 2

  • Background colours assigned to catalog buttons to visually group common features (eg. Players’ events on gray background, Goalkeeper on green background, Disciplinary actions on yellow background)
  • Choosing the action associated to the button (single click/double click) allows a tactical and/or a statistical scout.
  • Managing of Teams and Players archive
  • Export of the catalogs directly on VideoMatch analysis program, without the need for any phisical connection between iPad and PC, for an immediate extraction of videoclips singled-out during the data collection phase.

vmlive scout 3

vmlive scout 4

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