Plan and organize Team workouts.

SuperTraining is the ideal program for the coach or the athletic trainer who wants to manage at best the planning and archiving of the workouts.
The interface is extremely simple and intuitive, the style resembles a bit of Ms Outlook; you can select the time range you are interested in (day/week/month), add or edit a workout with just a click.
At each individual training session are linked the different workouts; each workout can be quickly assigned to the athletes who perform it. Those who carry out differentiated workout or have been placed on the injured list, are automatically relieved of teamwork.
Customize the Workout Archive
The program comes with a database, freely editable, from which you can start to create your own workouts. The works are catalogued on two levels "Training Exercises" and "Training Workouts". Each workout, in addition to being archived with typical values of use (time, distance, intensity, recovery,...) can be linked with an illustration to better describe how it should be performed; this is particularly useful for tactical and technical-tactical exercises or for workouts in the gym.
Easily and effectively analyze your workouts
"The professional prints and the statistical module allow the analysis and graphical representation of the data in various forms. Pie charts or histograms provide an extremely intuitive synthesis with various grouping levels of the work carried out over the different time intervals . "
This program is designed to allow the easy importation of specific training libraries, developed by experts, that will be made available periodically and which can be a real training guide or a track to be followed with potential variations based on the specific characteristics of one's own team.
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