Record the game in full-field 4K.


The system is supplied with all the hardware (PC, tripod, cameras, mounting) and the requisite software for a full and complete use and for the achievement of the final result. You can also record with both mobile cameras (thus also for away games) and with cameras installed at the stadium.


The resulting video is of high quality (up to 4K) and can be viewed with a specific software provided with the system calledVirtual Viewwhich behaves like a virtual camera, allowing you to move freely on the field, selecting the area you are interested in and the zoom level at which you want to see the action.


Perfectly integrated with VideoMatchonce you have selected the view of the action you are interested in and the zoom factor, you can export clips included in a VideoMatch playlist of videos that make use of both TV and tactical shooting.

All you have to do next is press REC

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